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House Zeizerer:

The Zeizerer family is a powerful drow house that controls the city of Nightarch. Zeizerer Munitions is one of a dozen or so companies owned and controlled by the Noble House of Zeizerer.

Ichihara Holdings: (Starfinder Armory pg. 56)

Weaponry made by Ichihara is often found in the hands of Xun working for The Golden League, every investigation into the company has failed to uncover any formal links to the crime organization. The company itself claims its weapons are simply popular with some groups because of the ingenious solutions devised by their engineering teams to create equipment—from pistols to vehicles—with modular, interchangeable parts.

Nebulor Outfitters & Shipyard LLC:

Based in the Diaspora asteroid belt, Nebulor Outfitters doesn’t specialize in any one type of ship, instead taking commissions from the highest bidder and scavenging enough scrap to fulfill any contract. Nebulor doesn’t care who buys its ships or serves as crew, gladly working with pirates, smugglers, adventurers, or even the occasional high-ranking official seeking discretion. Nebulor provides customizable, multi-purpose ships used for simple transportation to piracy.  Nebulor hires disenfranchised engineers and technologists, especially those who have no compunction against cutting corners or installing the occasional “special modification.”


Between Verces and Eox is the Diaspora asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is made of millions of asteroids whose diameters range from less than a meter to hundreds of miles.

Galactic Intelligence Agency:

G.I.A. is a clandestine organization that operates under the guise of being a government agency established to safeguard the interests of the galaxy. However, behind their façade of public service and protection lies a deeply sinister and corrupt entity. The G.I.A. has been known to engage in illegal and unethical activities to further their own agendas, regardless of the impact on innocent citizens.

The members of the G.I.A. are highly trained operatives, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their catchphrase, "we are from the government, we are here to help", instills fear in those who know the true nature of the agency. They use their power and resources to control information, manipulate events, and eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

The G.I.A. operates in the shadows, with no accountability or oversight. They answer only to their own twisted sense of justice, and those who cross them are met with swift and brutal retaliation. Despite their corrupt nature, they have managed to maintain a façade of respectability in the public eye, thanks to their carefully crafted image and their ability to silence dissenting voices.

Those who have had dealings with the G.I.A. usually are never heard from again. The G.I.A. is a force to be reckoned with, and their reach extends far beyond what most would imagen.

Leaders of Ichihara Holdings:

Akira Ichihara - CEO: Akira is the founder and CEO of Ichihara Holdings. He is a shrewd and calculating businessman who will do whatever it takes to maintain his company's position at the forefront of the weapons industry. Despite his ruthless reputation, he is highly respected by his employees for his visionary leadership and his ability to bring the best out of his team.

Mei Ling - CTO: Mei Ling is the Chief Technical Officer of Ichihara Holdings. She is a brilliant scientist and engineer who is responsible for overseeing the development of the company's advanced weapon systems. Her technical expertise and innovative ideas have played a critical role in the success of Ichihara Holdings.

Victor Kozlov - CFO: Victor is the Chief Financial Officer of Ichihara Holdings. He is a cold and calculating individual who is responsible for managing the company's finances and ensuring that it remains profitable. He is known for his ruthless cost-cutting measures and his willingness to sacrifice anything to improve the bottom line.

Sophia Lee - CMO: Sophia is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ichihara Holdings. She is a master of public relations and is responsible for promoting the company's products and brand image. She is highly skilled in manipulating public opinion and is known for her ability to turn even the most controversial weapons into highly desirable products.

Hiro Nakamura - CIO: Hiro is the Chief Information Officer of Ichihara Holdings. He is responsible for managing the company's vast network of information systems and ensuring that its data remains secure. He is highly skilled in cyber warfare and is known for his ability to hack into even the most secure systems.

Together, these executives form the backbone of Ichihara Holdings, a powerful and influential force in the galaxy. Their leadership has allowed the company to maintain its position as a leader in the weapons industry, and their expertise has driven the development of some of the most advanced and deadly weapons in existence.

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