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ashara "ash" Jade Serapihine:

Ashara Jade Seraphine was born into a family known for their exceptional talents and intellect. 


Her mother, Amelia Rose Seraphine, was a renowned AI developer and a leading figure in the world of artificial intelligence. Amelia dedicated her expertise to the development of a revolutionary system that aimed to enhance the cognitive abilities of organic beings. 


Ash’s father, Sapien Gabriel Seraphine, immersed himself in the study of space anomalies, gravimetric forces, and relative dimensions. He held the record for the most number of patents issued to a single person and was known for his inventive spirit.


The Seraphine family experienced financial struggles after Ashara’s parents lost their research grants. Despite facing adversity, Amelia and Sapien refused to abandon their dreams and risked everything, including taking on significant debt, to pursue their ambitions. However, before they could fully realize their goals, tragedy struck, and Ash’s parents never returned from their last scientific expedition. Though her grandparents would not reveal the exact details of their disappearance, her grandparent’s unwavering belief that Amelia and Sapien were still alive filled Ash’s heart with hope.


Her paternal grandparents, Elijah Samuel Seraphine and Ophelia Mae Seraphine, raised her from then on. Ash found herself immersed in a world of starships and exploration. Her grandparents played instrumental roles in establishing Drift Beacons. Her grandfather was a starship engineer by trade, and her grandmother was a pilot. Time with them is what fostered Ash’s deep passion for flying starships. Their love for the cosmos instilled a sense of wonder and adventure in her.

Tybar Wrathbone 

Tybar was a soldier working for Sentinel Solutions - the Vanguard Division.


Sentinel Solutions is a private military corporation that excels in asset protection, peacekeeping, and personal protective duties. Within this corporation, their most esteemed and specialized unit is known as the "Vanguard Division." This elite force is renowned for its unwavering commitment to safeguarding valuable assets, maintaining peace in conflict zones, and providing top-notch personal protection to clients. With advanced technology, cutting-edge weaponry, and highly trained operatives, the Vanguard Division of Sentinel Solutions is a formidable force, ready to defend and preserve order in a rapidly evolving world.


Tybar’s squad was assigned security detail to safeguard the latest technological marvel from the S-Corp research lab, owned by the Seraphine family. It was some device undergoing rigorous beta testing. S-Corp scientists claimed it would revolutionize exploration. When asked if it was a new type of drive system for spacecraft, they laughed and said it was not a spaceship part. The Vanguard Division was there to guard the research lab, but most of all, the Seraphine family, who had been receiving death threats. Over the course of Tybar’s deployment, he became friends with Ashara Seraphine, the granddaughter of his employers.  


The Vanguard Division was attacked by a group wearing some advanced stealth armor, the likes of which have never been seen. Their weapon fire seemed to pass right through the enemy. And the enemy’s armor allowed them to pass through solid barriers. Tybar lost a lot of good friends that day, and his employers were upstanding people, they didn't deserve this.   


Tybar didn’t see the attack, but they must have gotten past his team. They killed Ashara's grandparents and all of the research staff. He managed to survive the harrowing encounter, only to stumble upon Ashara, grievously injured and teetering on the edge of death.


Driven by an unwavering determination, he refused to let fate dictate Ashara's demise. Tybar swiftly carried her to a place where her shattered body could be restored, the birthplace of cybernetic advancements. It was there, that Ashara underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, her broken form merging with cutting-edge technology. With each mechanical augmentation, she embraced a new existence as a cyborg, transcending the limitations of mere mortals.


As the story unfolds, the bond between Tybar and Ashara deepens, forging an unbreakable connection between the protector and the one he fought to save. Together, they navigate a world where technological prowess and human resilience blend, unraveling the mysteries and confronting adversaries who seek to assassinate them.

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